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Online facilities for Railway employees

Railway Administration should start online facilities for his employees  like, Online reservation on Passes, booking in Holiday Homes, online user Id for his service record, transfer, promotion, payment , loans, duties, requests, grievances etc. It will facilitate over 1.4 million employees.
For this Railway administration already have Infrastructure except the will. 

Please Share this request among all until it reaches at his proper place. 

other than employees so many project are running in railway but unlike Corporate here employees are miles away from these facilities.
(a) (a) C&IS is a nodal Directorate for implementation of all projects on Indian Railways, which are charged to planhead Computerisation.  
(b) (b)  Development of norms, standards, maintenance manuals in the area of computerization.
 (c) Preparation of IT plan for Indian Railways.
 (d) Coordinating training effort in IT areas.  
Project Based Administration:- 
(a) C&IS Dte. handles all project related issues such as:-  
(i) Formulation of proposals and estimates for Works Programme.
(ii) Co-ordination with Zonal Railways and various Directorates of Railway Board for inclusion of works in Final Works Programme.
(iii) Preparation and monitoring of budget.
(iv) Monitoring of progress of works.
(v) Planning and sanction of expansion.
(vi) Software improvements.  
(b) Name of projects handled by C&IS Dte. are:-  
(i) Passenger Reservation System (PRS) including web enabling.
(ii) Freight Operations Information System (FOIS) including web enabling.
(iii) Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS).
(iv) National Train Enquiry System (NTES) including web enabling.
(v) Coaching Refund Computerisation.
(vi)  Season & Mobil Ticketing System Computerisation.
(vii)  Parcel Offices Computerisation.
(viii) Data Warehousing for PRS.
(ix)  Claims Office Computerisation.
(x)  Workshop Computerisation.
(xi)  Store Computerisation.
(xii) Hospital Management System.
(xiii) Other than Traffic Deptt. specific software development projects.
(xiv) Any Project sanctioned from time to time by Rly. Board.  
3. Policy Formulation Areas:-  
(a) Formulation of PRS policy.
(b) Formulation of policy on IT matters for Zonal Railways and other units.
(c) Delegation of powers on IT matters and their review when necessary.
(d) Standardising IT project procedures.
(e) Technical assessment of IT platforms.  
4. Operation of Railway Board Computer Center (RBCC):- 
(a) Running the Computer Center including monitoring and working of Input/Output Cell, Data Entry Section, TP Section and the console Section.  
(b) Monitoring, receipt and processing of interchange wagon data and generation of relevant reports that includes:  
(i) Maintenance of BG and MG Wagon Masters and Coaching Masters.
(ii) Conducting of BG and MG Wagons Censuse/Coaching Censuse, compilation of Census data and their results.
(iii) Pay Roll System and issuance of computerized Pay Slips to officers and staff of Railway Board.
(iv) Other misc. and statistical reports.  
5. Maintenance of Computers in Railway Board:-
(a) Maintenance/Upgradation of all computer equipments installed in Railway Board except for Railnet equipment.
(b) Procurement of all computer equipments for Railway Board except for Railnet equipment.
(c)  Software development for various Directorates in Railway Board.
(d) Maintenance of Railway Web site.
(e)Preparation of specifications of Railway Board hardware.
(f)  Technical scrutiny and vetting of proposals received from Railway Board as well as field offices (viz. PUs, Zonal Railways etc.).  
6. Procurement of computers peripherals, and other related equip ments excluding consumables like printer ribbon, catridges, etc.  
7. PSU/Societies under C&IS Pte.:-

All issues pertaining to Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) including personal, financial, Budget, reviewing performance of CRIS, changes in Memorandum of Understanding, changes in Memorandum of Association, tabling of yearly Audit and Account reports on the table of both Houses of Parliament etc.
Miscellaneous Works:-
(a)      Parliament Questions.
(b)      CA-iii references.